The Right Group Benefits For Your Barrie Business

Small to Medium Business

Kris specializes in working with the unique challenges of the small business, from groups of one or two to 50.

Right Plan For Your Situation

Depending on the make-up of your business (number of employees, average ages, families, budget, etc.) some companies will be more suited to you than others.

Ask For Your Free Benefit Audit – Kris will do a comparative audit to make sure you are getting the best price and product to meet your needs.

Independent Insurance Broker

Kris works for you, not the insurance companies. Her independence means she doesn’t have to “toe the company line”. She can shop the market of companies to find the best product to meet your unique needs.

Creative Solutions to Maximize Value

Kris knows how to get creative to tweak and optimize the options within plans to make it the best value for your needs.

Kris Goes To Bat For People, Employer & Employee

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Beyond Competitive Quoting

Kris does Benefit audits, not competitive quoting. This means that she’ll take a look at your current plan and see if it can be better structured and if another Group Benefits provider would be a better fit. If she finds a better deal, you’ll get it. If you already have the right benefits package then she’ll tell you. Whatever the best deal for your needs, Kris will fight to get it for you. It’s that simple.

Talk To Kris And Discover Your Insurance Options

Whether you think your situation is straight forward or complex, you may be surprised by the insights and solutions Kris brings to the table. No cost. No obligation. Just a conversation to explore your options.