“Discover The Better Way to Insure Your Mortgage”

Mortgage Insurance isn’t always Mandatory But
You Have An Important Choice About Where To Get It

Before you sign on the dotted line, you need to know this: Once your mortgage is approved, your lender will offer you a product called Mortgage Protection. Don’t sign it!

The 4 Problems with Lender Mortgage Protection That We Solve:

  • Usually more expensive.
  • Decreases in value as you payoff your mortgage (but the price remains the same)
  • Price often increases at mortgage renewal.
  • May use “post-claim underwriting” meaning if a death occurs, you lender insurance will investigate into your medical history at that time and decide if they will pay out

Get Better Value, Better Guarantees, More Flexibility & Lower Cost

Getting a term life insurance policy to cover your mortgage puts YOU first and has many benefits over a Lender’s Mortgage Protection:

  • You own the policy and you name the beneficiary.
  • You can choose to continue your life insurance policy after the mortgage is paid off.
  • You can choose to get a policy for more than the amount of your mortgage.
  • Your beneficiary receives the money and they decide where to use it.
  • Your coverage and premiums stay the same from start to finish.
  • Your medical information is secured at the time of application with a guaranteed payout regardless of how your health changes.
  • And More!

Getting a Mortgage or Renewing a Mortgage?

Are you purchasing a new home or perhaps renewing your current mortgage? Please watch this video and educate yourself for when they ask you if you want mortgage insurance or not. Call me instead and I will get you a product that won’t leave you with a false sense of security. 

Now My Insurance Protects Me

Through friendly conversation, she educated me on the importance of life insurance, knowing my three children were quite young. The only insurance that I had at that time was the insurance that my bank had told me was necessary when securing my mortgage. I quickly learned through Kris that the insurance I had with my mortgage, protected the bank and not me should anything happen to me. Kris was extremely helpful in shopping the market for me and educating me on what was best for not only myself but also my children. I now have more than an Insurance and Financial advisor with Kris, I feel like I have a friend for life.
Julie Young
Account Manager, Corus Entertainment Inc.

Passionate Expert & Leader

Kris is an expert in her field, who is passionate, detailed and very customer centred. While Kris is a leader in her field she is also a strong community leader in her volunteer work. Having worked closely with Kris on many major fund raisers for the Barrie Food Bank that have had a substantial impact on those people who are experiencing poverty. Kris is just a great person and I would highly recommend her to my family and friends.
Peter Sundborg
Executive Director at Barrie Food Bank

Great Person, Huge Heart

Kris and I met several years ago, but we really became close friends a few years ago when she started the 12 Ladies in a a Tent. If it wasn’t for Kris’s perseverance and determination the event would not have continued. I can truly say that I am honoured to know a great person with a huge heart.
I have had the pleasure of working with Kris Hughston through Hughston Insurance Solutions.
Stephen Gage
President, Gage Business Communications

With a term life insurance product, your family is protected.

With your Lender’s Mortgage Protection product, your lender is protected.

Which would you choose?

Kris Hughston, Hughston Insurance Solutions

Talk To Kris And Discover Your Insurance Options

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