Individual & Life Insurance For You And Your Family

Individual Insurance

Kris works on your behalf. She makes it a simple experience – she takes care of the paperwork and matches your individual situation with a plan that makes the most sense. Kris is an independent Insurance Broker, meaning that she isn’t tied to any one company. First and foremost, Kris represents you

Disability Coverage

Kris can also help you get additional Disability Coverage if your employer does not offer adequate coverage. Perhaps a top up to add to your employer plan to cover shortfalls and keep your income level or increase with inflation. Accident or Illness, she’s got you covered.

Travel Insurance

An accident or illness while travelling without coverage could cripple you financially. Whether it is a once a year trip, a snowbird plan or a multi trip plan, never leave home without it.

Life Insurance

Finding an affordable plan that covers your needs (or figuring out what your needs are!) can be difficult to navigate. She explains the situation to you – minus the usual jargon – and explains how the plan is right for you specifically.

Critical Illness Coverage

The importance of a Critical Illness Policy is increasingly clear for major illness. It can provide financial protection to pay your bills while allowing you to stay focused on getting well.

Kris Goes For The Best Solution

Get an Independent Review of Your Options

As an advocate for you, Kris makes sure that any plan you have is going to be one that serves you and your family best and will proactively find better deals if and when your situation changes. Her reputation as someone who cares about each and every one of her clients (and so many more) makes it an easy decision to get started with Individual Insurance.

Talk To Kris And Discover Your Insurance Options

Whether you think your situation is straight forward or complex, you may be surprised by the insights and solutions Kris brings to the table. No cost. No obligation. Just a conversation to explore your options.